Gta IV[2010]
Год выхода: 2010
Тип: Жанр: \ Action
Язык: English
Размер: 13.85 GB
Залит: 03-08-2010 09:49:37
Закачал: FPShooter
Every major GTA game has released on the PC. Hell, the franchise started out on the PC! And GTA 4 is no different, and will be carjacking its way into PC owners hearts before the end of the year. So what can you expect from this version? Actually, more than you'd think.
Controlling GTA 4 on the PC
The basics of previous GTA PC versions are there in GTA 4. Mouse and keyboard are an obvious addition, allowing you to drive, aim and run around with those two inputs. And, of course, you can plug in a controller and use that if you wish. Intriguing, though, is that you can do both at once. The game will allow you to switch back and forth between the controller and the mouse/keyboard without even needing to pause. This is great news for all the people that find driving with the keyboard a bit of a nightmare, but prefer the accuracy and response time of the mouse for aiming. Just place the controller on your lap, slide the keyboard in front of you and you're good to go.
Visual Improvements
The other obvious improvements over the console versions of GTA are the graphics. Because you're can run the game in a much higher resolution on the PC, the textures have received an extra pass and look a lot crisper. Text on signs and cereal boxes is much more legible and the character models look markedly improved, especially in their facial animation. Packie's telltale scar, a mere smudge on the 360, actually looks like a deep crease along his cheek, and this sort of detail gives the characters more life.
More minor improvements include the ability to create your own in-game radio station and the addition of a few new suits to Niko's wardrobe. Other than that, though, the main campaign is pretty much the same.
Best. Replay Editor. Ever.
What you might not expect is what the developers threw in on top of those features. Most shocking is the addition of a Replay Editor. While you're playing the game (either in single- or multiplayer), you can hit F2 to record the last chunk of gameplay time (between 30 and 90 seconds, depending on how much stuff is going down on screen). This doesn't stop the game at all, you'll just see in the top left corner that your footage has been captured.
Once you're ready, though, you can hop into the replay editor thanks to your handy cell phone. From here you can load up your saved clips into a full-fledged video editor, complete with timelines, transitions, text overlays and more. There is literally no in-game replay editor that comes close to the depth of what you can do in GTA 4 on the PC. You can set up tracking shots so that the camera pans as your hero runs, you can zoom in on a target as he falls off a balcony, you can change the color so it looks like an old timey movie. The range of what you can do blows [burl=]Halo 3[/burl]'s replay editor out of the water.
With your edited footage in tow, you can save the file as a WMV (sorry, no MOVs at this time) and upload it straight to Rockstar's Social Club site, where friends can comment and rate your video. Uploading straight to YouTube is potentially in the cards, as well. The machinima community is going to eat this feature up.
On top of all that, Rockstar is also adding some new multiplayer options so that players will be able to filter their search for custom matches (if you wanted to play pistols only, for example).
So yeah, there's a lot. It's great to see that they're not just phoning in a PC port, even if they could have and still sold a ton of copies. Granted you'll probably need a meaty PC to get all the bells and whistles going on the game, but for you anti-console guys out there, we're not too concerned.

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