(Blues) James Harman Band - Discography (1983-2007), 13 albums, MP3 (tracks), 192-320 kbps

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James Harman Band - Discography
01-The Big Dance
02-A Little Mixed Up
03-If That Ain't Love
04-After Hours
05-Jump My Baby
07-Snatchin' It Back
08-Love Jungle
Total time: 00:24:03 1987 - Those Dangerous Gentlemens (CBR 320) Tracklist:
01-My Baby's Gone
02-Find You A Love
03-Jump My Baby
04-I've Been Lovin' You
05-Kiss Of Fire
06-Voodoo Love
07-Won't Be Going Again
09-Goatman Holler
10-No Count Dollar
Total time: 00:42:24 1988 - Extra Napkins Tracklist:
01-It's All Right Now
02-My First Crime
03-All Night Boogie
04-Just As Well To Kill Me
05-Party Girl
06-Extra Napkins
07-Sad To Be Alone
08-Rambler's Blues
09-Hand In Hand
10-School Girl
11-If You Lose Your Money
12-Ain't That Fine
Total time: 00:38:45 1990 - Strictly Live In '85 (CBR 320) Tracklist:
01-Introduction By John Juke Logan
02-By-Yourself Dance
03-Blues Walked In
04-Poor Boy
05-The Book of Mean
06-Little Mixed Up
07-You're Gone
08-That's Not Your Baby
09-Legs (Let the Little Girl Dance)
10-Goatman Holler
Total time: 00:57:22 1991 - Do Not Disturb Tracklist:
01-Do Not Disturb
02-I Declare
03-Wake-Up Call
04-Rags to Riches
05-Stranger Blues
06-Icepick's Advice
07-Motel King
09-Icepick's Confession
10-Phonebill Blues
11-Mad 'Bout Somethin'
12-I'm Gone
13-I've Got News
Total time: 00:51:35 1993 - Two Sides To Every Story Tracklist:
01-My Little Girl
02-Two Sides to Every Story
03-The Clown
04-Grindin' Bump
05-If the Shoe Fits (Wear It)
06-Dirt Road
07-Is It Yes
08-I'm Lookin' Sharp
09-So Tired 'O Travelin' (Suitcase Blues)
11-Drive-In Life
12-Tall Skinny Mama (Icepick's Story #389)
Total time: 00:51:14 1994 - Cards On The Table Tracklist:
01-Night Ridin' Daddy
02-Where's My Thang
03-Cards On The Table
04-Temporary Blues
05-Black Under Black
06-Don't Spoil My View
07-Three-Way Party
08-Sparks (Start Flyin')
09-Run, Run Tonight
10-Last Clean Shirt
11-I'll Call You
12-Crazy By Degrees
13-Walk The Streets (Cold and Lonely)
Total time: 00:54:36 1995 - Black & White (CBR 320) Tracklist:
01-Too Right To Run
02-Cut To The Chase
03-Hollywood Girls
04-The Four Questions, No.1
05-Torqueflite 727
06-Lock Doctor
07-Everybody's Rockin' (at The Zoo Bar)
08-Black and White
09-Cold Tile Floor
10-Sometimes (The Rules Just Don't Apply)
11-The Twins
12-Leavin' for Memphis (Crickets and Frogs)
13-Second Voyage of Noah's Ark
14-The Four Questions, No.2


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