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ЛЮБОЙ патч можно скачать отдельно! Date: 15th May 2009-Server Browser-Fixed the in game server browser not showing all servers
Fixed the "Perks enabled server" icon not showing up in the server browser
Fixed some server browser filters not working right. Also added the ability to filter servers by Perks enabled and filter by difficulty
Added the ability to sort the server list by difficulty
Servers that cannot be reached because they are behind a firewall will show up with a ping of 9999 in the server browser. This is the cause of most "connection failed" messages
Fixed the "Stats Name/Password" popup box that was popping up but shouldn't have been
Fixed a "Warning" box that was appearing but shouldn't have been
Added a message when attempting to host a listen server notifying the user what ports they must have open on their firewall to host the game-Other Fixes-Shortened the default length of time the server waits before the map changes
Set proper defaults for Difficulty/Game Length - right now it defaults to Beginner/Short, changing this to Normal/Medium
Fixed dead enemies disappearing instantly on a Listen Server for other players
Fixed game not showing up in Gamespy
White list - creating a white list of server mutators that can be used while still allowing perks Date: 21st May 2009-Fixes-Fixed a number of known exploits on each map
Fixed Listen Server Hosts not showing as playing on a server in Steam Friends
Fixed the game prompting for a password after the password was already entered into Steam, when connecting from the Steam Server Browser
Fixed exploit where players could shoot other players with shotguns and launch them on top of things or out windows
Fixed exploit where players could change their Perk multiple times in order to get discounts on particular items. Players can only change their Perk once per Wave now
Fixed shotguns making Specimens fly back excessively online
Fixed Server Browser becoming non-responsive when connected to a server
Fixed exploit that players could use to purchase something even when too heavy
Fixed Listen Server Hosts' Perks getting duplicated to other players connected to their server
Fixed purchasing of a Handcannon appearing to discount other weapons
Fixed a collision problem with crouching that was allowing exploits-Tweaks-Improved the detection of Headshots on the Specimens
Removed the scaling of players' names over their heads, which was causing long names to be unreadable
Changed Default Tick Rate for Internet Servers to 30 instead of 20 to improve the online experience for players
Hitting Escape now closes the Weapon Selection widget on the HUD
Toned down the Blur and Camera Shake when a Specimen hits you. Blur now fades out more quickly Date: 4th June 2009-Add-ons-Added settings for the Voice Message system to reduce the amount of messages played.
Added a Friends tab to the Multiplayer menu which allows players to quickly see which servers their Steam Friends are playing on.-Fixes-Fixed a common crash involving Sprite Emitters, generally caused by using a Flame Thrower and/or multiple Grenades.
Fixed players with Level 5 Perks not always getting their default weapon when they spawn.
Fixed Clots not grabbing players that do not have the Commando Perk selected.
Improved usability of filter system by moving it directly into the Internet Server Browser area.
Fixed servers with a maximum of more than 6 players allowing Perks to progress.
Limited the number of respawns to once per wave to stop exploiters from getting extra money and guns by suiciding.
Fixed more exploits in KF-Manor, KF-BioticsLab, and KF-WestLondon Date: 2nd July 2009-Fixes-Fixed a memory leak causing performance to degrade the longer you played when in multiplayer (resulting in very low framerate sometimes in the final waves)
Improved texture and file precaching to reduce issues with hitching
Voice Over IP is now usable in the Lobby Menu while waiting for everyone to ready up
Cash amount in the Trader Menu updates when someone gives you money while trading
Improved the readability of chat fonts
All melee weapons now have an alt-fire, which is a "power strike"
Fixed the timing for when damage occurs from melee weapons
Added a Map White List which will now only allow perks to be earned on official and approved custom maps (Makes maps such as KF-Leveling worthless)
Fixed "Connection Failed" endless loop when failing to connect to a server and clicking the Back button in the Server Browser
Fixed Zeds sliding instead of animating online at particular times
Fixed blowing off the limbs of live Zeds, such as the Bloat's legs
Added random moving attacks for specimens that would always just stop and attack before (Bloat, Gorefast, Scrake). This makes the attacks less predictable, and players can no longer just backpedel to escape any attack from these Zeds
New Scrake behavior - the Scrake will now rage sooner, and will now keep moving toward its target when attacking. Additionally, it will randomly charge at its target when attacking, making the Scrake more effective
Added improved behavior for Fleshpound to prevent "kiting". The Fleshpound will now get frustrated and charge players regardless of if it is shot if players keep moving away from it
Fixed Joining as Spectator not allowing you to View players
Fixed Spectators needing to "Ready" before game will start
Improved some of the fonts for in-game messages and interface text
Interface tweaks-Perk tweaks-Decreased Shotgun Penetration power of the Support Perk
Increased Ammo Capacity of Bullpup for Commando Perk
Increased the Reload speed bonus of the Commando Perk
Decreased the Stalker Kills requirement of the Commando Perk
Decreased Lever Action Rifle cocking time for the Sharpshooter Perk
Assigned 9mm to Sharpshooter Perk(9mm headshots count toward Perk and all bonuses now apply to 9mm as well)
Reduced movement speed for Medic Perk to deter "kiting"
Increased Reload Speed for Firebug Perk
Increased Ammo Capacity of FlameThrower for Firebug Perk Date: 24th July 2009-Additions-Added 4 new Characters as a purchasable DLC pack available via the Steam Store
Added new animations for the specimens busting down doors
Implemented a faster Quick Heal system
Updated the Door Welded display
Updated Mutator and Map White Lists (see Killing Floor forums at forums.tripwireinteractive.com for more details)-Fixes-Fixed the Chainsaw blade not moving, and sleeves not appearing right on the Chainsaw
Fixed the issue with the player going to an idle animation after firing a weapon, which made the player look stiff
Fixed bug where specimens would stand at a door waiting to bust down a door
Fixed specimens not playing a movement animation after breaking down a door
Fixed Map White List retaining old Pass/Fail status from previous map
Fixed the Hunting Shotgun's unlimited ammo bug
Removed Stats Icon from servers that are currently on a non white listed map Date: 20th August 2009-Additions-Added 2 new Weapons: AK47 and Katana
Added new Map: KF-Foundry
Added smoke to the Scrake's Chainsaw
Added "On Fire" animations to all Specimens
Adjusted the spawning of the Patriarch boss character to prevent cases where the boss was spawning too close to players
Adjusted Bullpup's firing sound to have more bass
Adjusted "Crisp up" settings for some of the Specimens when on Fire
Updated the flashlight to look and act in a more realistic fashion
Updated Mutator and Map White Lists(see the Killing Floor forums for more details)-Fixes-Fixed Scrake's head glowing when decapitated
Fixed "The Long War", "The Hard War", and "The Completely Suicidal War" achievements not unlocking
Fixed known exploits on KF-Farm, KF-Manor, KF-Offices, and KF-WestLondon Date: 30th September 2009
Added surround sound support for Vista
Added Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support for hosting Listen Servers
Improved Map White Listing system to get maps onto the list faster
Fixed exploits on each official map Date: 22nd October 2009
Added an all new fireball projectile launching specimen called the Husk
Added a new Perk called Demolitions. This Perk's new weapons are the Pipe Bomb, M79 Grenade Launcher, and M32 Grenade Launcher
Added new weapons for existing Perks
Support: AA12 Automatic Shotgun(with Alt-Fire Semi-Auto mode)
Sharpshooter: M14 EBR Semi Automatic Sniper rifle(With Alt-Fire Laser Sight)
Commando: SCAR Automatic Rifle(with Alt-Fire Semi-Auto mode)
Medic: MP7M Modified Sub-machine Gun(with Alt-Fire Heal Dart)
Added 3 New Maps: KF-Bedlam, KF-Wyre, and KF-Waterworks(the Grindhouse Wave 1 first place finisher)
Extended Perk Level to 6 with Gold Perk Icons to signify to others that you are Level 6. New perk levels included enhanced abilities for each perk
Added 22 new Achievements focused on the new Perk, Maps, and Weapons
Added ability to Repair Body Armor at Trader, with the additional ability to partially repair the armor when low on money
Completely redone User Interface with a more user friendly Trader Menu design
Implemented new Headshot system that improves headshot detection in network games. Additionally this system fixes Insta-Kill Decap on Fleshpound when attacking up close, and fixes the headshot detection issues on the Scrake
Improved Healing tool functionality. Healing tool will no longer give "false positives" where the healing animation plays but no actual healing occured. Healing should be easier to perform as well
Improved Collision Detection on players. Should allow you to shoot Zeds near other players where the old cylinder collision would not
Tweaked Clot attack animations
Fixed not being able to properly select your Perk in the Lobby Menu when you join a game during Trader Time
Fixed 3rd Person Nade throwing animations not working online
Fixed issues with the UPnP system implemented in version 1007. The UPNP system should now properly handle opening ports on many more routers. UPNP system is now asychronous so will no longer make the game appear to hitch if the UPNP system is active. Including a new INI setting for disabling UPnP support
Fixed known exploits on all official maps(KF-BioticsLab, KF-Farm, KF-Foundry, KF-Manor, KF-Offices, and KF-WestLondon) Date: 29th October 2009
Optimized game content to reduce memory usage and improve loading times
Fixed acheivements that weren't working, 3 Map Achievements for KF-Bedlam, Dot of Doom, and Mr. Perky. Mr. Perky was appearing as though it had been reset(it was working behind the scenes, but the menu functionality was not working)
Fixed an exploit related to weapon dropping/selling in the Perks system(that people used heavily with the Medic Gun). This exploit could be used to buy a weapon on a discount and give it to someone else that would sell the weapon for a huge profit
Fixed errors in Perk Descriptions (such as the menu saying the level five Sharpshooter get Dual Handcannons, when he actually gets the Lever Action Rifle)
Fixed exploits in maps Wyre and Bedlam Date: 4th November 2009
Fixed exploits and bugs in maps Farm, BioticsLab, Manor, Wyre, Foundry,and Offices
Fixed not switching to a new weapon when throwing the your pipebomb when playing online
Fixed pipe bombs appearing to explode when they went out of your view for a while when playing online
Fixed pipe bombs not making an explosion sound online sometimes when you don't see them explode
Fixed high level fire bugs catching on fire even though they don't take fire damage
Fixed the zeds not doing the burning behavior and staying burning forever.
Fixed vulture head textures sometimes appearing when players were taking damage/getting shot at
Fixed a remaining exploit where picking up weapons that were dropped on the ground for a while would give too much money when the item was sold
Additional memory usage reductions
Added a system to prevent taking out the Patriarch instantly with one giant group of pipe bombs. Additionally, we have removed the ability to drop the pipe bomb inventory item to prevent players from stockpiling pipe bombs between rounds and spamming too many of them. - Торрент перезалит 16.10.09 в 15:45 по Мск. времени! Причина: Добавлен патч 1007, убран МапПак и КарМод.-Торрент перезалит 17.10.09 в 14:22 по Мск. времени! Причина: Добавлен недостоющий файл в патче 1007.-Торрент перезалит 23.10.09 в 15:20 по Мск. времени! Причина: Добавлен патч 1008!-Торрент перезалит 13.11.09 в 20:18 по Мск. времени! Причина: Добавлены патчи 1009, 1010 и кумулятивный патч 1001 - 1010!-Торрент перезалит 17.12.09 в 16:15 по Мск. времени! Причина: Добавлены патчи 1011, 1011.2!


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