Мировое господство Бэма

Bam's World Domination

Год 2010
Рейтинг 7.2
Длительность 00:21
Страна сша
Жанр комедия, боевик, реальное ТВ
Премьера в мире 13/10/2010
Режиссер Бэм Марджера
Продюсер Майк Колон, Ли Сосин, Джо ДеВито, Пол Спикер
Сценарист Ли Сосин
В ролях Бэм Марджера, Райан Данн, Тим О’Коннер, Джо ДеВито, Джозеф Франц, Ritchie Miller, Шелдон «Дунер» Смит, Billy Wilson
A grueling test of man's will to survive, features participants battling an eight-mile obstacle course full of smoke, fire, barbed wire, freezing water, and fields of mud. Margera and his crew seek to show the Brits that they can tackle any physical challenge, no matter how perilous, as this race often proves to be. Leading up to the race, cameras will follow Margera and his friends as they meet up with some locals and bring their own special brand of American mayhem. From downing pints in London pubs to taking an impromptu dip in the frigid Thames River, Margera and his buddies will stop at nothing in order to leave their mark on England.

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1 13.10.2010


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