Made in Chelsea

Made in Chelsea

Made in Chelsea это драма в формате реалити-шоу, участники которой молодые люди в свои 20 открыли перед зрителями двери в свою жизнь и любовь. Они модно одеваются, чрезмерно амбициозны, отрываются на полную катушку, но за всей этой гламурной мишурой полно лжи, несчастной любви и предательства.

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7 (торренты отсутствуют) 24.11.2014
6 (торренты отсутствуют) 17.11.2014
5 (торренты отсутствуют) 10.11.2014
4 (торренты отсутствуют) 03.11.2014
3 (торренты отсутствуют) 27.10.2014
2 (торренты отсутствуют) 20.10.2014
1 (торренты отсутствуют) 13.10.2014

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Серия Название Дата выхода
11 "I Tried So Bad, I Even Got Naked" не указано
10 "When Are We Getting Married?" не указано
9 "You're Like A Fat Tom Daley" не указано
8 "I Was Sucked Into A World I Didn't Know" не указано
7 "Everyone Loves A Toff" не указано
6 "I Want To Be In Everyone's Breast Pocket, Caressing Half Of London's Nipples" не указано
5 "If Your Dick's Working, Your Head's Working" не указано
4 "There's Difference Between Bro Code And Being-A-Dick Code" не указано
3 "People Think I Look Like Karl Lagerfeld" не указано
2 "Doesn't Everyone Have Secrets?" не указано
1 "There's Gonna Be A Storm" не указано

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Серия Название Дата выхода
12 "End of Season Party" не указано
11 "Miracles Happen At Christmas" не указано
10 "If You Knew Everything I'd Be In Deep Deep Trouble" не указано
9 "Fancy A Bit Of African Holiday Sex?" не указано
8 "Let's Go For A Drink, Maybe Some Fondling" не указано
7 "You Need to Get Under Someone to Get Over Someone" не указано
6 "Willies Aren't Such A Big Thing, We All Know That" не указано
5 "Your Buds Are Way More Important Than Any Girl" не указано
4 "I Once Knew Someone Who Had A Sleeping Bag" не указано
3 ""If You Are Going To Play Two Girls, It's Best To Play Two Who Don't Know Each Other" не указано
2 "Your Friends Are All Pretty Rude" не указано
1 "I'd Have Sex With Any Of My Exes" 14.10.2013

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Серия Название Дата выхода
12 "Someone's Taken A Shit on a Relationship and I wanna Know Who" 24.06.2013
11 "She's Becoming Spencer" 17.06.2013
10 "Hot Tubs Are Like My Nemesis" 10.06.2013
9 "It's Very Rare to find Someone who Hasn't F**ked one of Your Friends" 03.06.2013
8 "See You Later, Spenny!" 27.05.2013
7 "Is He A Fantastic Lay?" 20.05.2013
6 "I Wouldn't Want My Daughter Going Out With Spencer Matthews" 13.05.2013
5 "Kill Jamie, Marry Andy, Kiss Spencer" 06.05.2013
4 "He Is Being A Tit" не указано
3 "Of Course I'm Going To Say I'm Straight" не указано
2 "I Am Not A Robot" не указано
1 "I Made A Mistake That I Wanted To Cover Up" не указано

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Серия Название Дата выхода
12 "End of Season Party" не указано
11 "I Didn't Know Reindeers Actually Existed. I Thought They Were, Like, A Mythical Creature" не указано
10 "I Used To Charge Young Boys For Bunny Cuddles" не указано
9 "If I Wanted To Sleep With Other Girls, I Could" не указано
8 "I'd Rather Die Than Be Friends With Her" не указано
7 "I Think You've Got The Costume Wrong Tonight Because It's Not Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" не указано
6 "They're Wriggly Little Buggers" не указано
5 "A Man At 23 Is A Bit Like A Girl At 15" не указано
4 "I Could Fall In Love With You So Easily..." не указано
3 "No One You Want At A Party Is Going To Turn Up To A Themed Party, Unless It's Versailles" не указано
2 "The More You Can't Have Someone... You Want Them More" не указано
1 "If You Want To Crack On And Go Head To Head... You'll F****** Lose" не указано

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Серия Название Дата выхода
11 "End of Season Party" не указано
10 "At The End Of The Day, I've Got The Crazy Title. No One Can Steal That From Me" не указано
9 "It's Called Dessert And Apparently It's Sucking Richard's Face" не указано
8 "Everyone Has Skeletons In Their Closet" не указано
7 "Karma's A Bitch" не указано
6 "Until The Book's Closed It's Open" не указано
5 "I'm Really Not That Gay at All" не указано
4 "What's the Point of a Point to Point" не указано
3 "Sabotage Is Not Chic" не указано
2 "What's Mine Is Mine and What's Yours We Share" не указано
1 "When You're Part of the Party, You Never Want the Party to Stop" не указано

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Серия Название Дата выхода
12 "Christmas Is About Giving And Forgiving" не указано
11 "End of Season Party" не указано
10 "Here's To Friendship" не указано
9 "Je Suis Amoreuse De Toi" не указано
8 "How Do They Find Flamingo Roadkill?" не указано
7 "You've Gotta Level The Playing Field" не указано
6 "Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi?" не указано
5 "My Mum Sometimes Calls Me Football Head" не указано
4 "No One Likes A Banjo" не указано
3 "Babe, You're Attituding At Me" не указано
2 "When I Was Younger I Experimented With Clingfilm" не указано
1 "Capitalism Makes You Beautiful" не указано

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Серия Название Дата выхода
8 "I Find It The Biggest Turn On That He's Shouting At Me" не указано
7 "Payback's A Bitch" не указано
6 "Problems Not Solutions, That's The Way I Live My Life" не указано
5 "Take Your Passion, Make It Happen." не указано
4 "Do I Look Like Jesus?" не указано
3 "I'm So Honest With Everyone, Maybe It's A Downfall" не указано
2 "Quick, Let's Have A Quickie" не указано
1 "Ad Victorem Spolias – To The Victor Go The Spoils" не указано


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