Невесты Христа

Brides of Christ

Diane, a young woman growing up in Australia in the mid 1960s, walks away from her fiancé to join a convent after being sure she has a calling to the faith. The Catholic Church and its followers are struggling with huge changes. The Pope has died, there is war in Vietnam and mandatory conscription, there is the Vatican controversy on abortion and contraception, and the changing face of the Church as a whole. Told in six parts, Diane faces her own demons and has to finally decide if she can teach what the Church preaches, or if it's simply impossible for her to reconcile all the contradictions of the faith and uphold her vow of obedience.

1 сезон

Серия Название Дата выхода
6 Catherine 09.10.1991
5 Rosemary 02.10.1991
4 Paul 25.09.1991
3 Ambrose 18.09.1991
2 Frances 11.09.1991
1 Diane 04.09.1991


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