Год 1943
Длительность 02:01
Страна индия
Режиссер Мехбуб Кхан
Сценарист Ага Джани Кашмири
В ролях Нисар Ахмад Ансари, Ашок Кумар, М. Кумар, Мурад, Ситара, Вина, Якуб
Yusuf is the son of a prominent and respected doctor in this community, and is himself studying medicine to become a doctor. One day he meets with beautiful Najma and both fall in love, and meet secretly. When his father announces that it is time for him to get married, Yusuf is delighted and would like to introduce Najma to his dad. But before he could even mention Najma, his father informs him that his marriage has been arranged with Raziya, an illiterate village belle. Yusuf refuses to marry Raziya, but his father convinces him to change his mind, and as a result the marriage takes place. But Yusuf is unable to get Najma out of his mind, and will have nothing to do with Raziya. Najma, on the other hand, realizes that fate has not intended them to marry, and has already consented to an arranged marriage by her family.

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