Витторио Гассман о себе

Vittorio racconta Gassman: Una vita da mattatore

Venice Film Fest to honor Vittorio Gassman ROME -- The Venice Film Festival said Wednesday it would honor iconic Italian actor Vittorio Gassman with a special tribute on the tenth anniversary of his death. The tribute, which has been rumored in the Italian press for weeks, will get underway with the Sept. 1 world premiere screening of the documentary "Vittorio racconta Gassman" ("Vittorio tells about Gassman"), based on footage of the actor speaking about his career. That date would have been Gassman's 88th birthday. "The film dispels many of the stereotypes about my father," said Alessandro Gassman, a well-known Italian actor in his own right. The younger Gassman helped make the film, which was produced by Giancarlo Scarchilli.

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