Ameer Aadmi Gharib Aadmi

Ameer Aadmi Gharib Aadmi

Subhash Gaekwad is a worker employed in a mill run by Lal and partners. Lal does not pay his workers well, and they decide to go on an indefinite strike. Lal does not really care, and soon the strike turns ugly, with the police being involved. Subhash lives with his wife, and both have a small child. With no wages coming in, they are near destitution, and his wife takes to begging. One day, the leader of their union is mortally wounded, he approached Subhash and gives him a key, and then dies. Subhash comes to know that the key is of a locker, located in a Mosque. When he opens it, all he finds is an audio cassette, in which threats are made to kill the union leader, by Mill owner, Lal. Subhash puts this tape in a tape-recorder, and leaves it at a pawn shop. Lal and his men find out, and try to beat the truth out of Subhash, but Subhash does not tell them anything. They then have the police arrest him on false charges, and imprison him. Subhash's wife approachs Advocate Ashok Saxena, who takes the help of Akram to assist Subhash in prison, and to find out the truth, without knowing that Lal has also sent in his goon, to beat the truth out of Subhash. When Ashok finds out the truth, he confronts Lal, only to be told that Ashok's girlfriend, Kavita, is abducted and in their custody, and will be killed unless all information is turned over to him. Ashok does so, only to be himself entrapped, alongwith Kavita. And it is then that Ashok realizes that Lal will go to any extent to cover up his threats, even kill.

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