Возвращение призрака

Bhoot Returns

Год 2012
Длительность 01:40
Страна индия
Жанр ужасы
Премьера в мире 12/10/2012
Режиссер Рам Гопал Варма
Продюсер Нитин Манмохан, Гопал Далви, Mandar Dalvi
В ролях Дж.Д. Чакраварти, Нитин Джадхав, Маниша Койрала, Мадху Шалини, Alayana Sharma
This story revolves around a family that moves into a new bungalow. Soon the family members experience weird things happening in the house. The little girl Nimmi claims the presence of an invisible figure named Shabbu thus putting her parents in trouble. Pooja (the sister of Nimmi's father) surprises the family by a sudden visit, and after analyzing the situation that Nimmi is suffering from, she places wireless cameras all over the house to record the activities of Nimmi. With the passage of time, Laxman (the servant) and Taman (the brother of Nimmi) are brutally murdered. Lastly, the possessed girl Nimmi is burned down and the family flee, bloody and injured.

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