Flex Is Kings

Flex Is Kings

Год 2013
Длительность 01:20
Страна сша
Жанр документальный
Бюджет 100 000$
Премьера в мире 18/04/2013
Режиссер Michael Beach Nichols, Deidre Schoo
Продюсер Michael Beach Nichols, Deidre Schoo, Christopher K. Walker
В ролях Dj Aaron, Anime, Kareem Baptiste, Raynold Jarell Blackman, Roger «Dragun» Blake, Reginald Cool Cakes, Jamar «Soup» Campbell, Jonathan «Showoff» Cespedes, Jermaine «Flizzo» Clement, Comix
"Flexing" is a dance style forged in far east Brooklyn, at the dead-end of a handful of subway lines. Flex dancers channel the grittiness and crime of East New York into choreographed violence with gun movements, simulated bone-breaking, and the mimicked ripping of hearts from opponent's chests. Through battles dancers gain respect, craft an artistic identity, and sometimes find a sanctuary from the poverty and violence that saturates their neighborhood. No other style of street-dance is this violent, scary, or beautifully theatrical. In this purely do-it-yourself scene, creativity and ambition bring a community together around frequent dance-battle showcases that have begun to attract an international audience and may catapult the best dancers into careers in theater or film. Following a group of dancers for over two years, Flex is Kings explores the hopes and realities of this under-acknowledged and totally unfunded group of urban artists.

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