Обычный человек

Eastern Bandits

Год 2012
Длительность 01:45
Страна китай
Жанр боевик, драма, военный
Бюджет 8 038 243$
Премьера в мире 23/04/2012
Режиссер Yang Shupeng
Продюсер Бин Хуанг, Ксу Сяомин
Сценарист Лао Хуанг, Yang Shupeng, Сяо Бей Чжан, Xiaobei Zhang
В ролях Хуан Сяомин, И Чжан, Синьи Чжан, Цзиняан Ни, Тино Бао, Цюньшу Гао, Шан Цзянь, Вайсэ Лээ, Лян Цзин, Luo Kang, Zhiming Ma
Movie is set during a period of time when Japanese invaded China. The story is told from Gao's perspective, a soldier seeking revenge from the Japanese in trying to assassinate the visiting Japanese chief in command. In the process of plotting such scheme, he had a chance encounter with a local Mafia, lead by its charismatic leader Fang. Fang had a bandit of followers, of which one is Fang's sister. Fang in the past have rescued many of these followers using his own blood and as a result all the members in the bandit formed a life long bond and friendship. When Gao realizes he could use the firearms and man power of Fang's bandit, he sets up a scheme to get captured by Fang on purpose. When Fang found out - he was extremely angry and upset and almost killed Gao, but Gao is saved by Fang's sister because she clearly developed feelings for Gao after seeing how he fared during the interrogation phases when he was in Fang's capture. Gao later redeems himself by saving Fang and all of his bandit members when a bank robbery went wrong. From there on, Gao partners with Fang to take down the Japanese chief in command. Pi Fu in Chinese means commoner, and this is a movie about friendship, loyalty and brotherhood.

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