Год 2010
Рейтинг 6.1
Длительность 01:21
Страна сша
Жанр биография, документальный, драма, боевик
Премьера в мире 24/05/2010
Режиссер Филлип Монтгомери
Продюсер Мэтт ДеРосс, Райан Гослинг, Джереми Гулдер
Сценарист Филлип Монтгомери
В ролях Ноам Хомский, Райан Гослинг, Талиб Квели, Джей Уокер, Ховард Зинн
ReGENERATION explores the inherent cynicism found in many of today's youth and young adults, and the influences that perpetuate our culture's apathetic approach to social and political causes. The film features three intersecting stories of students, parents, and artists all looking for their place in society. Together they capture the thoughts and feelings of today's struggling generation as some of the worlds leading scholars, activists, and media personalities provide their insight into the ideas and movements that can inspire change.

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