Juan is a puzzling character who spends every single night of his life walking the city streets looking for stories of unfaithfulness. At the beginning of each episode Juan tells us : "I'm obsessed by unfaithfulness... who hasn't ever thought about cheating on one's partner; who hasn't ever fantasized about being with somebody else...? Who hasn't ever been cheated on? Betrayed?" Juan has his small video camera ready and will go out to look for somebody among the people who live in the city. Somebody willing to tell his or her story; no matter how awful, absurd, tragic, or simply romantic it might seem to be. Ultimately, he will be looking fro somebody who is willing to share, with the rest of us, a story of unfaithfulness. In this way, a different story will be told in each episode, told directly by its main character in the first person, and respecting his or her point of view. A main character who will be facing Juan's small home video camera and who will be taking us by surprise with a story that might happen - or might have already happened - to any of us who are watching....

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