The First Movie

The First Movie

Год 2009
Длительность 01:16
Страна великобритания, канада
Жанр документальный
Премьера в мире 14/12/2009
Режиссер Марк Казинс
Продюсер Триш Долмэн, Гилл Парри, Робби Аллен
Сценарист Марк Казинс
An innovative 'magic realist' documentary set in Iraq. Filmmaker Mark Cousins, who was brought up in a Northern Irish war zone, travels to Goptapa, a Kurdish-Iraqi village of just 700 people on a tributary of the Tigris river, and tries to make a dream film about a place that is normally only portrayed in current affairs programmes. He gives the kids cameras. They make little movies about war, love, a fish that goes to a magical place, and a chicken who debates justice. Despite the production being stopped twice by the Iraqi secret police, The First Movie is about wonder and the power of the imagination.

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