Roots Time

Roots Time

Год 2006
Длительность 01:17
Страна ямайка, аргентина
Жанр музыка, приключения
Премьера в мире 14/11/2006
Режиссер Силвестри Якоби
Сценарист Силвестри Якоби
В ролях Левелин Самуда, Woolton Harrison, Луис Кристи, Бренда Финлейсон, Ras Amuna
Roots Time is the story of "Jah Bull" and "Baboo", two Rastafarians that sell LP records in an old colorful car field for the villages within Jamaica. By chance "Farmer Roots," his favorite radio host makes them finger in an emergency by carrying his sick girlfriend to a hospital. "Jah Bull" and "Baboo" by their Rastafarian principles, do not believe in traditional medicine and convince "Farmer Roots" to take his sick girlfriend to a known herbal doctor called Bongo Hu. Getting to the herbal doctor is much more difficult than they expected and all kinds of adventures happen along the way ...

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