Обыкновенное безумие

Ordinary Madness

Writer-Director Bernardo Gigliotti's Ordinary Madness is a Hitchcock-like thriller set in Los Angeles. Bobby Lang is a handsome young drifter who moves to Los Angeles to start a new life. Recently released from prison, Bobby is ordered by his parole officer to find a job and a place to live. Bobby works as a musician, playing the guitar in the house band of a nightclub owned by Leo. Leo's bartender daughter, Betty can't resist the passion and good looks of Bobby, the troubled troubadour. Bobby also works with two quirky and hilarious musicians/landscapers who call themselves 'The Funk Brothers'. After they continuously and unsuccessfully beg Leo for stage time at the club, Warren and Larry Funk pursue their landscaping delusions of grandeur. Bobby rents a room in an eerie old house from a dysfunctional married couple. Faye Skillman is a gorgeous but neglected housewife who's loveless marriage pushes her to seduce her young male borders for sex. Her husband, Albert Skillman is partially paralyzed from an auto accident caused by Faye. Confined to his bedroom, Albert creates elaborate schemes to spy on and plot against his unfaithful wife. Bobby finds himself caught in Faye and Albert's dark, secret and twisted game of seduction and murder. Betty tries to warn him of the imminent danger he faces but Bobby remains in the house to play out a dark secret of his own.

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