Кто-то еще ждет

Someone is Still Waiting

1st STORY: The Waiting Room. Vanja and Dara, women of the middle-age, from different social status, met in the hall of the waiting room of a hospital, waiting to be called to prepare for abortion. This unexpected meeting will start a lot of questions in their mind, and make them reconsider their decision. 2nd STORY: The Road. A country, somewhere in Serbia: mother is taking her daughter, along the road, to the doctor who lives alone in a wagon, in which he makes illegal abortions. All over that journey there is collision between mother's traditional attitude against pregnancy before marriage and daughter's youthful wish for a birth of a new life from love. 3rd STORY: Water. Nada, a young woman in late twenties, remembered in a prison cell, the tragical events which made her kill her husband. In the hospital, where she was taken by a police car, for making abortion of his child, she met a person, who she didn't expect to meet.

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