Год 2004
Длительность 01:30
Страна израиль
Жанр драма, триллер
Режиссер Эви Муссель
В ролях Клара Хури, Юсеф «Джо» Свейд, Айелет Зурер
The body of a middle aged woman is discovered and a promising young police officer is assigned to this case. His name is Ataf and he is of Druze origin - a small sect of people whose religion is secret and who hold a firm belief in reincarnation. Through the course of his investigation, Ataf begins to experience some strange nightmares that carry him to his past. Soon after he begins his search for a clue to these nightmares, and realizes that the murder case and his dreams are somehow connected. More than that - the connection has to do with his former life that ended tragically when his present life began.

Торренты фильма «Maktub»

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