Год 2006
Страна индия
Жанр триллер, боевик, драма
Премьера в мире 21/10/2006
Режиссер S.P. Jhananathan
Продюсер Р.Б. Чоудари
Сценарист S.P. Jhananathan
В ролях Джива, Наянтара, Пасупатхи, Ашиш Видьятхи, Карунас
E along with his friend Tony (Karunas) carries out small crimes to earn money. E brought up in tough conditions, grows up as a tough, fearless and emotionless guy. Meanwhile; Dr.Ramakrishnan (Ashish Vidyarthi) a quack comes to the slum and projects himself as a do-Good to people living there. Not knowing his ulterior motives, the slum dwellers keep unshakable faith on him. However, his hidden agenda is to make use of them as guinea pigs to test his new but potentially lethal medicines.E saves Dr.Ramakrishnan from Nellai Mani (Pasupathy), a terrorist, who is after the Doctor to kill him. Realizing E's boldness the Doctor enters into a pact with E to capture Mani in return for a huge sum. E captures Mani and when he takes him to handover him to the doctor. Mani tells about Ramakrishna's evil designs. The rest of the film is about how E foils the doctor's malicious actions and brings him to books.

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