Phuk pui

Tell Them We're Number One

Год 1991
Длительность 01:40
Страна таиланд
Жанр комедия
Премьера в мире 30/03/1991
Режиссер Udom Udomroj
Продюсер Charal Poolvoralaks, Визут Пулворалакс
Сценарист Thongkao Makarmpom, Udom Udomroj
В ролях Thitima Sungkhapituk, Napachra Supattanakul
Wow, a young boy living with his family in a big city, has a problem. His father is a gambler, and Wow, indisputably, is a jinx. Once, Wow causes his father's arrest, then a sequence of unfortunate events befall on everyone close to Wow. Eventually, the long-suffering father sends Wow away to an uncle in the country. But if the uncle and grandfather are as gentle and kind as the child's loving mother, the auntie is a tyrant. Luckily, Wow meets a young girl and soon his luck changes - sort of.

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