Requiem for a Vampire

Requiem for a Vampire

Год 2006
Длительность 01:34
Страна сша
Жанр ужасы
Премьера в мире 23/04/2006
Режиссер John Orrichio
Продюсер Карл Петри, Qi «Chess» Chu
Сценарист John Orrichio
В ролях Мэтт Локкер, Джэми Стоун, Deana Demko, Дэвид Б. Пауэрс, Боб Смит, Мона Сетхи, Джерри Киршбаум, Кэти Лоч, Кларк Эпплгейт, Jeannie Sconzo
An incestuous and industrious pair of modern-day vampires finds their clever manner of acquiring sustenance threatened by a nosy New Jersey health inspector and a determined investigative reporter in director John Orrichio's sexualized tale of life among the undead. The LeGaults know well that to stalk the streets for prey is to leave themselves open to exposure. Instead of seeking out blood the old-fashioned way, the LeGaults opt to open a blood donation center that will provide them with the nourishment they need to survive without the risks that go along with using their fangs. A New Jersey health inspector named Jerry is on to them, though, and along with a little help from intrepid reporter Phyllis, he soon prepares to rip the lid off of the LeGault's bizarre scam. When a chance encounter with two students of the occult reveals the true motivation behind the LeGaults' philanthropic front, however, the stage is set for a battle against the supernatural that could claim the lives of those who dare venture into the dark world of the supernatural.

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