Uttarayan is a highly captivating adaptation of Jaywant Dalvi's Marathi play, "Durgi" . Raghuveer , a widower in his 50s has come to live with his computer engineer son Sanjay . He meets his childhood friend Babu Borkar and during their conversations they reminisce about Kusumavati a.k.a. Durgi , Raghu's first love . Raghu finds out Durgi's address and goes to meet her . Durgi is lonely after her marriage fell apart because her husband was a drunkard and a womanizer . Raghu and Durgi resume their old friendship and slowly a strong bond develops between them . Raghu thinks about asking Durgi whether she wants to marry him . But will Raghu gather enough courage to ask her? Will Durgi accept a proposal at such an old age? And finally , will Raghu's son approve of the marriage?

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