Hau mo chu

The Haunted School

Год 2007
Длительность 01:25
Страна гонконг
Жанр ужасы
Премьера в мире 15/03/2007
Режиссер Мэн Кеи Чин
Продюсер Вэй Кеунг Лау, Стив Аскью, Эллен Чанг
Сценарист Кун-нам Люй
В ролях Мэйси Чан, Стивен Чунг, Тинг Яу Цуй, Келли Фу, Тереза Фу, Аманда Ли, Тоби Люн, Ят-лонг Ли, Дэннис Мак, Suet-sum Tse
The Narranmoda Boarding School is strict for girls and has rigid rules of behavior, but the headmaster accepts four male students to improve the income of the school. However, the boys are segregated from the girls and the inspector Miss Fong keeps them under the surveillance of the dedicated monitor student Ho Yat-Man. The urban legend tells that the school is haunted and when students break the school rules, they are called to the director office and vanishes or are found dead. When the new students fall in love for a group of friends of Yat-Man, the couples disappear or are killed; Miss Fong discloses the mystery telling that twenty years ago her aunt was the music teacher married with the headmaster of Narranmoda. When her aunt discovered that the inspector Yuen Si-Yum was having an affair with her husband, she burned Si-Yum locking her in the office on fire, entering in a deep coma later, and her husband committed suicide. Now the angry fiend is trapped in her office and killing students that break the school rules.

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