Мотылёк и пламя

Shama Parwana

Год 1954
Длительность 02:18
Страна индия
Жанр драма, мелодрама, приключения, боевик
Премьера в мире 01/06/1954
Режиссер Д.Д. Кашьяп
Продюсер Д.Д. Кашьяп
Сценарист Safdar Aah
В ролях Сурайя, Шамми Капур, Нааз, Ульхас, Bibbi Bai, Рену Бала, Мубарак, Сундер, Рупмала
Gul Mirza is a poet who lives with his widowed mother in Hindustan circa the Mughal Rule. He sings in Arkat-Ul-Daula's palace, and wins praise from his daughter, Sahebzadi Aalam. He then also meets with her dad, accepts and wins a challenge, and is recruited in the army. Both he and Aalam fall in love with each other. He is then asked to travel along with 1000 soldiers to a distant region in 3 days time, which he does, though this journey and the battle nearly cost him his life. He returns home and Arkat promises to let him wed his daughter. Little does Gul know that soon his and his mom's life will be turned upside down, when he will be attacked by Arkat's men, and he will be forced to defend himself and speak out against Arkat - and be declared a rebel - and perhaps never be able to meet Aalam again.

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