Ek Alag Mausam

Ek Alag Mausam

Год 2003
Длительность 02:00
Страна индия
Жанр драма
Бюджет 135 859$
Режиссер K.P. Sasi
Продюсер K.P. Sasi
Сценарист Сушма Ахуджа, Махеш Даттани
В ролях Нандита Дас, Раджит Капур, Анупам Кхер, Ренука Шахан, Сэлли Уитэйкер, Арундатхи Наг, Ajit Hande, Yash Joshi, Harish Raju, Anuradha Rao
Aparna Verma, who has been married to a traveling salesman Suresh for several years, is now pregnant. After she completes some medical tests, she is asked to come see the doctor along with her husband. Suresh refuses to go, Aparna goes alone and this is where she receives the news that she has aids and must abort the child. Aparna subsequently learns that Suresh has been having unprotected sex with other women, had acquired aids, and passed it on to her. She confers with her mother, finds out about a rehabilitation house called "Jivan Jyoti", and goes there to volunteer without telling anyone about her condition. She meets with Dr. Machado, who informs her that he is aware of her condition but promises not to tell anyone else. Now divorced, Aparna feels herself getting attracted to another worker, George. But the knowledge of her being HIV positive restrains her from getting too friendly with him. Watch what happens when George finds out that Aparna has aids and is not expected to live long.

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