Balram Shri Krishna

Balram Shri Krishna

After liberating the people of Mathura from the tyrannical rule of Kans, Krishna turns his attention to wedding Princess Rukmini, at Narad Muni's behest. Meanwhile, the disgruntled kings of neighboring kingdoms launch repeated attacks on Mathura to avenge the death of Kans and preemptively protect their states. To avoid sacrificing innocent lives in the chronic war against their enemies, Krishna and Balram flee and relocate their capital to Dwarka. However, between battling armies, the brothers are still not at peace as they are busy quarreling amongst themselves over whom their sister Subhadra should marry. Balram, wishing to see his sister as Queen of Hastinapur, wants her to marry prince Duryodhan, while Krishna is partial to his cousin Arjun and enacts a plan to see his desires fulfilled. Can Krishna and Balram settle their differences, or will their persistent feuding spell the end of the illustrious Yadav line?

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