Military Intelligence and You!

Military Intelligence and You!

Год 2006
Длительность 01:18
Страна сша
Жанр комедия
Бюджет 464 508$
Премьера в мире 21/10/2006
Режиссер Дэйл Куцера
Продюсер Джеймс Кейтель, Дэйл Куцера, Грег Дж. Ривз
Сценарист Дэйл Куцера
В ролях Патрик Малдун, Элизабет Энн Беннетт, МакКензи Эстин, Джон Рикси Мур, Эрик Джангманн
Major Nick Reed is an intrepid analyst for Army Intelligence. It's his job to locate a secret enemy base whose fighters - the dreaded Ghost Squadron - attack our bombers. Complicating his efforts is a chance meeting with his former love, Lt. Monica Tasty, and her current beau, Major Mitch Dunning. Can Reed find the fighter base in time for the 4th Armoured to attack? Will the Nazi learn our next target and send the Ghost Squadron to attack our bombers? Why do some women fall for the bad boys, completely ignoring the good responsible men right in front of them? Learn the answers in 'At War With Intelligence.'

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