Тони Бэннет: Американский классик

Tony Bennett: An American Classic

Tony Bennett: An American Classic, Created And Directed By Acclaimed Director Rob Marshall (Chicago And Memoirs Of A Geisha), An American Classic Is A Ground Breaking Show Staged As A Contemporary Reinvention Of The Variety Special. In This «Docu-Musical», Marshall And His Entire Academy-Award Winning Creative Team Take Us On An Emotional Musical Journey Of This Legendary Entertainer`s Life By Re-Creating The Seminal Venues Of Tony`s Career: From The 52nd Street Swing Club To The Early Columbia Recording Studio; From The Classic TV Studios Of The «60`s To The «Rat Pack» Las Vegas Stage; From Carnegie Hall To His Triumphant Performance On «MTV Unplugged». Tony Performs Live Duets Of His Greatest Hits With Today`s Greatest Artists. Seamlessly Woven Throughout Are Narratives By Billy Crystal, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bruce Willis, John Travolta And Robert De Niro. As The Special Ends, Tony Takes To The Empty Stage, This Time Alone, And Delivers The Definitive Performance Of His Signature Song «I Left My Heart In San Francisco.»

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