Год 2001
Длительность 01:14
Страна сша
Жанр документальный
Премьера в мире 03/03/2001
Режиссер Джилл Морли
Продюсер Дэвид Клэр, Джилл Морли, Нельсон Риланд
В ролях Beth Schakatt, Susan Walsh
Nonfiction filmmaker Jill Morley documents her exploration of the exotic dancer (stripper) experience. Through tactfully selected and edited sequences, you get an insider's view into the job itself, how clubs chauffeur dancers, protect them, what's required of them, how much money they can make, tricks that dancers use to make more money, and keep clients at bay. By trying to work as a dancer, Morley gives the viewer a very personal perspective on the experience. Long-time professional dancers reveal personal anecdotes and feelings about how the job effects them in candid, personal interviews. A group discussion with several dancers is likewise illuminating.

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