Нежные воспоминания

Loving Memory

Год 1971
Длительность 00:57
Страна великобритания
Жанр драма
Режиссер Тони Скотт
Продюсер Стивен Байли, Альберт Финни
Сценарист Тони Скотт
В ролях Розамунд Гринвуд, Рой Эванс, Дэвид Паг
The film concerns an elderly couple played by Rosamund Greenwood and Roy Evans, who we later discover to be brother and sister, who accidentally run over and kill a young cyclist played by David Pugh on a lonely northern moor - but instead of reporting the incident to the police the woman decides to take the corpse home with them. There she dresses him in the clothes of a second brother, killed in the Second World War, shows him her photo-albums, and tries to engage him in conversation. Her brother, meanwhile, gathers wood to build a coffin. Greenwood has the only speaking part in the movie and largely carries it; she gives a subtle, heart-rending performance as a sister clinging to her past. Memories of the War hang heavily over the house - quite literally in the form of an aircraft propeller suspended from the ceiling that the woman booby-traps in order to prevent her brother burying the corpse.

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