The English Sheik and the Yemeni Gentleman

The English Sheik and the Yemeni Gentleman

Год 2000
Длительность 01:16
Страна великобритания
Жанр документальный
Режиссер Bader Ben Hirsi
A glimpse into life in the Yemen as rarely seen by Western audiences: images of the country's landscape and insight into the characters of the colorful Yemeni people and their rich customs. The film's journey across the Yemen is seen from the points of view of both expert and novice - The Sheikh and The Gentleman. The film introduces Bader Ben Hirsi, a British-Yemeni born and bred in London after his parents' exile from the Yemen in the 1960s for being relatives of the last ruling king, The Imam al Badr. Upon discovering the award-winning book, Yemen - Travels in Dictionary Land by Tim Mackintosh-Smith, Bader feels compelled to journey to the Yemen to discover his country, its people and traditions for himself. His main task, however, is to persuade the eccentric author, Mackintosh-Smith, an Englishman who has been living as a Yemeni in the ancient city of Sana'a for the past 18 years, to be his personal guide through the Yemen. A friendship soon develops between the 'Sheikh al Nasara' (Sheikh of Christians) and 'The Yemeni Gentleman' who appear to have been living parallel existences. Elaborate stories and experiences are exchanged as they journey together throughout the magical Yemen--from the Northern Highlands to the Red Sea coast and from the nostalgic Aden to the splendid Wadi Hadramaut. Together they explore the ancient World Heritage city of Sana'a and visit the derelict homes of Bader's long lost ancestors.

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