Воспоминание о двойняшке

Spomen za bliznachkata

The action takes place in 1944. Because of the bombings, the family of the 15-yer-old Victor is being evacuated to a small village. There, the sensitive boy gains an intimate knowledge of the people around him and starts understanding them. There are retrospective sequences returning as far back as the September Uprising in 1923 in Bulgaria. Victor will never forget his experiences with so different, yet interesting people. 30 years later, Victor realizes that the events of the time had their effects on several generations. He is remembering his childhood and adolescence, the colorful atmosphere and the patriarchal life in his native village and his first love for a strange woman who had come down to live in the village for mysterious reasons of her own. A local clairvoyant divines the secret of the attractive stranger who has been married to a military officer. ' One of the twins of her soul is sick and the other one is also destined to be taken ill', she says. And indeed amid the stormy events of the Revolution, the young woman who has hidden herself away from all her friends and relatives dies. All the characters: the communists Parvan and Stefan, the partisan Sasho, his parents, the fascist Dimov, the Gypsies of the gypsy camp and the peasants take part in the dramatic events commented on by the author's voice-over. The exuberant visual style is a means, which the filmmakers use to reveal the vitality of the folk spirit against the background of a time heavy with revolutionary passion.

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