Цветы распустились в саду

Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan

Год 1978
Длительность 02:10
Страна индия
Жанр драма, семейный
Премьера в мире 28/07/1978
Режиссер Sikandar Khanna
Продюсер Суриндер Капур
В ролях Риши Капур, Моушуми Чаттерджи, Ашок Кумар, Амджад Кхан, Асрани, Ранджит, Хелен, Пайнтал, Мукри, Шрирам Лагу
Aware that his grandson has acquired all the bad habits of a rich and spoiled brat, including womanizing and alcohol, Lala Ganpat Rai, instructs his lawyers to make it conditional that he, Vishal, not receive any money or property from his estate unless he fulfills either of two conditions. One: That he marry a woman of Rai's choice, Shalini, who shall inherit half of the property; and in order for Vishal to inherit all of the property he must re-locate to their farmhouse in a village, cultivate a piece of land, and grow some crops on it within one year. Needless to say, Vishal is enraged at this, and neither of the two conditions are acceptable to him. However, he reconsiders this, and he and half a dozen friends travel to the village, set a comfortable albeit accommodations, and attempt to cultivate the land. Things do not go as planned, as Vishal and his friends are accused of molesting and raping a village belle, which leads to her suicide. His friends, noticing the changed atmosphere, disappear, leaving Vishal alone to carry out the mammoth task of cultivating the land on his own, without help or support, and angry villagers who may expel him from their village. It looks like Vishal is on his way of losing everything he had ever hoped, prayed, and taken for granted.

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