Dhaniya and Kundan are childhood sweethearts, and hope to marry once they have attained maturity. Dhaniya would like to have some money in her possession before she marries, so they decide to travel to Bombay, find some work, save some money, and then marry. Upon arrival in Bombay, they find that getting employment is not all that easy, especially when one is unskilled. Dhaniya feels that she is good at acting, and feels she will be successful as an actress. So both try their hand with various Bollywood agents, and after quite a few misadventures, Dhaniya gets an acting role. She surpasses all estimations, and becomes a star overnight. Kundan sees all the glitter and the glare from the outside, but is unable to become part of what Dhaniya, who now calls herself Sarita, has become. Sarita is so intent on saving money, that she ends up spending more and more money, quite unable to save any, and finally Kundan realizes that he has lost her to the artificial glamor world, leaves her, and heads back home. Will Dhaniya and Kundan be ever re-united again? Has success changed Dhaniya?

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