Лучшие времена

The Best of Times

Год 2001
Длительность 01:49
Страна тайвань, япония
Жанр триллер, криминал, драма
Премьера в мире 16/12/2001
Режиссер Цо Чи Чанг
Продюсер Shih-yuan Lu, Hung-Chao Ma, Макото Уеда
Сценарист Цо Чи Чанг
В ролях Уинг Фэн, Meng-Chieh Kao, Wan-mei Yu, Mao-ying Tien, Yu-chih Wu, Shang-Ting Chang, Hen-Bao Lin, Yi-che Tseng, Ming-shiou Tsai, Yuan-ting Chang
Although their characters and temperaments couldn't be less alike, 19-year olds Wei and Jie are best friends. They're also neighbours, living with widower fathers and problem siblings in the suburbs of Taipei. When Wei is promoted from the rank of nightclub parking valet to the rank of debt-collector in Brother Gu's gang, he persuades his boss to hire Jie to work alongside him. Things begin to go wrong when they are given a handgun to reward their success in the new job. Always excitable and volatile, Jie becomes reckless and dangerous when he has the gun in his hand. When they try to collect a debt from the boss of a rival gang, a fight erupts and Jie shoots the gang-boss. The boys find themselves on the run. But fate and their youthful dreams still have tricks to play...

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