Mai shen qi

Mai shen qi

Год 1979
Длительность 01:36
Страна гонконг
Жанр комедия
Премьера в мире 26/05/1979
Режиссер Майкл Хюи
Продюсер Рэймонд Чоу
Сценарист Майкл Хюи, Чи-Хунг Со
В ролях Майкл Хюи, Рики Хуи, Сэм Хуи, Тиффани Бао, Фу Хунг Чэн, Вэй Енг, Эллен Лау, Расселл Коуторн, Ло Кам, Ging-Cheung Chan
Struggling actor Chih-Wen (Michael Hui) got a raw deal from his company, MTV Studios. He signed a binding 8-year contract with the studio and was only given one opportunity to perform live thus far. Soon, he received a better deal with a rival company, who promised a 5-year contract and better opportunities to perform and make money. Since he cannot start working for the new company because of his current 8-year contract with MTV, he and his scientist-aspiring brother (Ricky Hui), with the help of magician Shih-Chieh (Sam Hui), attempt to steal the contract from his ruthless manager.

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