Get Pony Boy

Get Pony Boy

After Spending years in prison, Pony Boy is finally returning to the world he has missed so much, his old neighborhood. A former gang member, pony is now a changed man and vows never to go back to a life of crime. But, things are different in the "Hood". All of his boys from the old gang have mysteriously disappeared. He now feels out of place in his old surroundings. He finds solace with his childhood friend, C-Note, who offers Pony a place to stay. Desperate to get his life back on track, Pony takes a series of odd jobs to make money. Comedic adventures ensue, as Pony can't quite find his niche in the real world. When he starts delivering pizzas, he encounters a slough of colorful and off the wall customers who provide non-stop laughs. To spice up his life, Pony decides to visit a house of ill repute. The intriguing Sophia, a dark, gothic Madame who controls her "Girls" with an iron fist, greets him. When he meets Mira, he is captivated by her exquisite beauty and falls head-over-heels in love. She explains to Pony that she is being held against her will and wants nothing more than to leave this awful place and start a new life. Pony vows to help her leave the evil Sophia, but, he is unaware that his thrill seeking has led him into a lair of vampires. Pony and C-Note concoct a plan to free Mira and move the couple to Hollywood, far away from Sophia. But, Mira is hiding a terrible secret that may spoil their plans of happiness. When Pony enters a rap contest with a large cash prize, all their dreams seem to soon be coming true. Will the two lovers make it to Hollywood? Or, will Mira's dark secret and the sinister Sophia turn their dreams into nightmares? Find out in this new hilarious comedy. Got a problem? Get Pony Boy!

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