Самое прекрасное из лучших лет жизни

The Most Beautiful of My Very Best Years

Berto is an introverted, lonely, young man living in a small city in Bolivia. Overwhelmed by a difficult past, Berto tries to sell his most precious belonging - an old '65 Volkswagen, which he inherited from his grandfather - in order to leave Bolivia and start a new life in Madrid. His days go by trying to sell the car as he thinks of new ways to find a buyer, cruising the city and going out with Victor, his obnoxious, sex-addicted friend, who works in the neighborhood video store. Their routine changes with the unexpected return of Camila, Victor's girlfriend, wherein Berto becomes increasingly conflicted by the feelings he has for her. Camila and Victor enter a downward spiral when Camila picks up Victor one night driving Berto's car. Victor confronts her about being seen hanging out with a wealthy guy one night in the city and an intense fight on the street separates them, forcing Camila to seek comfort in Berto as we find Victor into the old VW with a random woman one night after a run-in with Camila in a local club. With the car as a symbol of stasis, of these characters' feelings of being stuck and trapped, Berto finally frees himself and begins the arduous journey to a new life.

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