Xiong bang

Год 1981
Длительность 01:35
Страна гонконг
Жанр ужасы
Премьера в мире 05/11/1981
Режиссер Дэннис Ю
Продюсер Chan-sin Wong
Сценарист Kam-moon Cheung, Пинг-Хинг Кам, Дан Ли
В ролях Чарли Чин, Dorothy Chi-hsia Yu, Хуа Юех, Шен Чан, Фэй Ланг Чен, Кент Чэн, Ка Вэй Чунг, Джинг Мэн Фанг, Ping-shen Hsu, Sheng-te Shen
A horror movie about ghosts, possession, reincarnation. Ah Kan (Chan Chen) encounters sinister turns of fate where he works (a fellow security guard dies by choking on a bone, another is strangled by a wet newspaper), and he becomes frightened enough to consult with a Taoist priest. The priest informs him that his workplace had been the site of kidnappings and murders, his house is another source of unnatural influence, and he was born on a day that makes him vulnerable to wandering ghosts. These dark forces also threaten his pregnant wife and unborn child, leading Ah Kan on a harrowing journey into the unknown in order to protect himself and his family.

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