Беспокойная совесть

The Restless Conscience: Resistance to Hitler Within Germany 1933-1945

Год 1992
Длительность 01:53
Страна сша
Жанр документальный
Премьера в мире 07/02/1992
Режиссер Hava Kohav Beller
Сценарист Hava Kohav Beller
В ролях John Dildine, Карл Фридрих Герделер, Axel von der Busche, Эвальд фон Клейст, Адам фон Тротт цу Зольц
In 1944, at least 170 German citizens were brought to trial and convicted as participants in a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. This was not an isolated act, but rather the last of more than 20 attempts to overthrow the Nazi Regime. Powerful and provocative, Academy Award nominee THE RESTLESS CONSCIENCE explores the motivating principles and activities of the anti-Nazi resistance inside Germany from 1933 to 1945. The film is a deeply moving portrayal of individual destinies, focusing on the moral and political evolution of individuals whose conscience was at odds with an overpowering national consensus. Hava Kohav Beller's THE RESTLESS CONSCIENCE highlights the tension between individual responsibility to a personal ethical code, and to a tyrannical political system. In telling their story, the film recognizes those who, despite mortal danger to themselves and their families, had the courage to uphold essential human values.

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