The Forbidden Quest

The Forbidden Quest

Год 1993
Длительность 01:15
Страна нидерланды
Жанр приключения
Премьера в мире 08/04/1993
Режиссер Питер Дельпе
Продюсер Suzanne van Voorst, Фрэнк Джэнсен
Сценарист Питер Дельпе
В ролях Джозеф О’Конор, Рой Уорд
1931: in Ireland, a film maker hears of an aged ship's carpenter who knows the fate of the Hollandia, a Norse ship that set sail in 1905 and vanished. The old salt has canisters of film to prove his tale. We see the footage as he narrates. They sail south in June, 1905, with scores of Siberian huskies aboard, meeting no living soul, the crew ignorant of the trip's purpose, until they reach Antarctica. A mysterious Italian paces the deck; a polar bear appears, and the Italian, possessed, hunts it down. That night, the boatswain explains to the crew how an Arctic bear could be at the South Pole and why the Hollandia has come. Visitors arrive, and the Gothic tale plays out.

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